Mobile Deployment Systems tire spikes provide increased safety for both the police officer and the public!

Safety Attributes:
  • Controlled tire deflation without fear of blowout.
  • Mobile Deployment Systems can stop pursuits before they become high-speed chases.
  • Using Mobile Deployment Systems can result in significant reduction of injury to law enforcement officers and the public.
  • Accidental deployment is prevented by a double switch system. A paddle switch electrically activates the system and glows red when the system is armed. The officer deploys the road spikes by pressing a guarded switch. Hollow tubes from the spike plate remain in the tire deflating one or more tires on the vehicle and stopping the fleeing car without high risk of blowout or crash.
Protect your law enforcement officers.
  • Deployment from safety of drivers seat
  • No dangerous wires or cables to entangle officer
  • Officer not in harms way of fleeing vehicle
Significant reduction in vehicle and property damage.
  • Mobile Deployment Systems is in a constant state of readiness
  • Reduced pursuit time
  • Reduced high speed crashes
  • Reduction of necessary law enforcement vehicles involved
Mobile Deployment Systems provides the only patented patrol car rear deployment tire deflation system!

Effective and cost efficient law enforcement pursuit tool.
  • More cost effective than conventional spike strip technologies
  • Eliminates need for herding target vehicle to specific site
  • Immediate deployment by a single officer
  • The Mobile Deployment tire deflation device, when properly deployed from a law enforcement vehicle, can save the department expensive lost time from officers injured due to pursuit related injuries.
Mobile Deployment Systems vehicle-disabling road spike strip will quickly become a police pursuit tool of choice your department will not want to be without!